• AUTHOR (Books)
  • Utopia, Revisiting a German State in America: MISSOURI: Where the Sun of Freedom Shines; with Ludwig Brake, Walter Kamphoefner, Rolf Schmidt, and Kilian Spiethoff; Edited by City of Giessen Archives, and Reseinde Sommer-Republic; Edition Falkenberg 2013
  • Images of America: History of Warren County; Arcadia Publishing; September 2011
    Missouri’s German Heritage; Edited by Don Heirnrich Tolzmann;
    2004; Chapter 4; Gottfried Duden, the Man Behind the Book. (Dorris Keeven-Franke)
  • A History of Warren County Compilation of newspaper articles published in the Warren County Tribune, The Warrenton Banner, The Warren County News-Journal (Dorris Keeven)
  • The Power of People: Building Today for a Better Tomorrow; Cuivre River Electric Cooperative; 1998,   Received 1999 Award of Excellence for Best Special Publication from the Council of Rural Electric Communicators (Dorris Keeven)
  • A Window Through Time: A Pictorial History of Warren County; Eagle Ventures Inc., 1990 (Dorris Keeven)
  • Missouri in the Civil War; Daughters of the Union Veterans; Warren County Missouri; 1987
  • Missouri: Where the Sun of Freedom ShinesThe story of Missouri’s German heritage and how Missouri came to be so “German”!
  • Utopia – Revisiting a German State in AmericaThe story of the Giessen Emigration Society of 1834 and its founder Friedrich Muench. The group of over 500 German emigrants came from all religions and all walks of life, and all over Germany, and founded several settlements all across Missouri.
  • Emigrant-ImmigrantGerman’s have been emigrating to Missouri since before it was even a State. This program explains why the chose to leave Germany, why they came, how they came, and what their lives were like when they settled in Missouri.
  • Tracking those Ancestors back to GermanyMethodology for finding your German ancestors in the homeland!
  • Pauline’s DiaryThe life of Pauline Muench Busch born in Germany in 1827, who emigrated to Missouri in 1834, and married Gordion Busch in 1848 is similar to thousands of German women who emigrated here in the 19th Century. This program is an interpretive program and is done in period clothing using original sources.
  • PAPERS at conferences and symposiums
  • Missouri Historical Conference; 2011;  Freidrich Muench: From German Revolutionary to Missouri Statesman.
  • Society of German American Studies; 2010; The Giessen Emigration Society
  • Missouri Historical Conference; 2009;  Gottfried Duden; Broken Dreams
  • Society of German American Studies; 2002; Gottfried Duden – The Man Behind the Book
  • Society of German American Studies: 1996; Castles in the Sky: the Story of the Berlin Society 
  • Der Anzeiger, Journal of the Missouri Germans Consortium
  • Der Maibaum, Journal of the Deutschheim Verein
  • Newsletter of the Missouri State Genealogy Society
  • Missouri Germans
  • Saint Charles County History
  • WRITER (Newspapers)
  • Warren County Tribune
  • The Warren County News-Journal
  • The Warrenton Banner
  • The Focus News
  • The Missourian (Washington Missouri)

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