October 8, 1829 – the final entry

The final entry in the journal that shares the journey of Archer Alexander, from Rockbridge County Virginia to St. Charles Missouri, to St. Louis, Missouri to the Emancipation Monument in Washington, D.C’s Lincoln Park…

Archer alexander

The final entry of William M. Campbell’s journal* simply reads…

Reached home*


When Archer arrived in Dardenne Prairie in Saint Charles County on October 8th in 1829, he was 23 years old. Born in 1806, his parents Aleck and Chloe were the property of the Alexander family. He was owned by James Alexander of Rockbridge County, near Lexington, in Virginia. His wife Louisa, born as property of the McCluer family, was part of the dowry of James’ wife Nancy. Together Archer and Louisa would have ten children, Ralph, Nellie, Wesley, Eliza, Mary Ann, Archer, Jim, Aleck, Lucinda, and John. By 1835 their owners James and his wife Nancy had succumbed to the cholera epidemic. James Alexander’s final Will expressly demands that absolutely none of his slaves are to be sold, but to be rented out for the support and to pay for the education of his four small…

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