Sharing the stories…

My passion is sharing history!  I enjoy helping people connect with their ancestors, their culture, and heritage of the places where they live. Everyone has a story, and every place has a story. Its’ when those stories come to life, that we give a voice to the people and the places they lived in. Whether its’ a cemetery, a courthouse, or a cabin in the woods, there is a story connected to it. In order to preserve the stories, we must share them, so that they are not forgotten. Whether the story is a German emigrant who becomes an abolitionist, or a slave who is an American hero,  these are the stories that bring meaning to the communities we live in, and help us understand our past. Helping our young people know their ancestors, and the stories of their lives, helps us grow a better tomorrow. Here are some of my blogs with my favorite stories…..

Sharing the story of Archer Alexander

Sharing Missouri’s German heritage is the mission of the Missouri Germans Consortium

Sharing the history of St. Charles County which began 250 years ago

Sharing the stories of African Americans buried at Sage Chapel Cemetery

I’ve always been interested in history since I was a very young girl when my Great grandfather included me in researching our family history… Here is more of my background…